PRO Series Breakaway Support Material - 1.75mm (1kg) Filament Matter Hackers
PRO Series Breakaway Support Material - 1.75mm (1kg) Filament Matter Hackers
PRO Series Breakaway Support Material - 1.75mm (1kg) Filament Matter Hackers

PRO Series Breakaway Support Material - 1.75mm (1kg)

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    Why Buy From 3D Junkies

    PRO Series Breakaway Support Material is engineered to provide the optimal balance between reliable bed adhesion and clean mechanical breakaway from 3D printed parts. Ideal for prints that require support material but that also need to be ready for immediate use after printing – PRO Series Breakaway support material reduces the need for post-processing and boasts a longer shelf life and moisture resistance when compared to other support materials such as PVA or HIPS.



    PRO Series Breakaway support material has several key advantages over other support material such as PVA or HIPS. Unlike these other support materials, which require a solvent such as water, limonene, or alcohol to breakdown the material, PRO Series Breakaway Support can be quickly and easily removed from printed parts without the need to submerge the print - dramatically reducing post-processing time and improving overall productivity!



    PRO Series filament is all about quality. When the performance of a 3D printed component is the ultimate goal, you need to know you’re printing with a material you can trust. PRO Series filament is meticulously refined and continuously tested to provide optimal results for every application. That’s why our material experts have developed a range of responsive high-performance thermoplastics that maintain reliability through your process of rough prototyping to sophisticated, end-use designs. No matter your end goal, PRO Series filament delivers your parts exactly as you intended them. 



    PRO Series materials are formulated for functional 3D printing. Because of its precisely detailed chemical blueprint, PRO Series 3D printing filament provides the consistency needed for repeatable part-production. Kawasaki’s Supercross Racing Team Engineers use PRO Series materials for both prototyping and end-use parts. Using PRO Series materials for essential components on their teams’ motorcycles has not only helped them fabricate in low volume, but it’s also reduced cost by 95% and time by 86%. They turn to PRO Series because they know it works well.


    PRO Series materials are formulated with zero compromises. The base resin, and all performance enhancing additives, are carefully sourced to include only those of the highest purity and provenance The consistent colors curated from quality sources combined with the exact manufacturing environment needed to maintain an industry-leading ±0.02mm diameter tolerance create materials you can use confidently. Experience smooth, uniform filament for all your important projects - experience PRO Series. 



    • Support material for Complex industrial parts such as jigs and fixtures.
    • Architectural models
    • Retail models
    • Patterns for investment metal casting


    • Material Compatibility: PLA, PETG
    • Printing Temperature: 210° ±10°
    • Print Bed Temperature: 55-60°C
    • True Diameter: 1.75mm ±0.02mm
    • Density: 1.32 g/cm ³
    • Spool Size: 1kg