3D Printing Cement Material 3D Potter
3D Printing Cement Material 3D Potter
3D Printing Cement Material 3D Potter
3D Printing Cement Material 3D Potter

3D Printing Cement

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    Why Buy From 3D Junkies

    3D Potter has partnered with Sika USA Corporation and together we formulated a unique, 3-D printing specific, cementitious material. This material was extensively tested with our Scara V4 model and a continuous flow pump. 

    The enclosed video shows an excellent layer conformity and outstanding material properties.

    This material is not some modified cement with additives, it has been specially formulated from the ground up for 3D printing industry.

    We have been able to print continuous structures with the proper timing and mixing sequence. That means there is no need for stopping and waiting for the material to set before proceeding to the next layer. This method of printing has not been possible before.

    Utilization of this material opens up a whole new world for rapid prototyping or small to medium size architectural structures.  

    Sika’s material has a superior external surface finish when compared to standard cements. In addition, after drying it exhibits a very clean white surface. Alternatively, the mix can be colored for special effects. The structural properties are also very impressive, see info below.

    The material is offered by a pallet. Shipping origin is Florida.

    The initial pricing is $27 for a 55 pound bag. Minimum order size is one full pallet (48 bags per pallet).

    3D Potter is preparing to offer a turnkey solution including:

    Scara V4 or Scara Elite

    High capacity pump with 15' of hose (220 V) 

    Horizontal paddle mixer (110 V)

    2 pallets (96 bags) of Sika 3D printing material

    This solution will be very useful especially for engineering and architectural departments of universities. This will give our customers the ability to have everything from one supplier.