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1000 ml Linear Actuator Ram

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    Why Buy From 3D Junkies

    Linear actuator ram only.

    This is an ideal extruder option if you already have an existing ceramic 3D printer. This RAM can be adapted to almost any style of machine. The compact 1000ml size makes it easy to handle, and can fit into tight spaces.

    3D Potter has developed a new extruder system for large scale delivery of paste. This linear actuator RAM is fully controllable from within the standard ceramic 3D printer control software. You can change and control the flow rate as the print is printing. Utilizing the larger extruder capacity and the extremely robust components our extruder is able to flow at much higher rates then most others.In a commercial application this gives you the ability to produce your product at a higher cycle time. During the design and construction of our RAM extruder we paid particular attention to easy disassembly and cleaning. Everything is constructed with food grade materials for safe food handling. It designed for thicker materials like heavy clay, thick dough, and confectionery products.

    Linear RAM package includes:
    - Extruder Assembly
    - 2 poly-carbonate 1000 ml tubes
    - Acme screw driver tool for fast loading/unloading
    - Wire connector for motor
    - Syringe with white lithium grease
    - 4 anodized aluminum nozzles (standard sizes: 3, 4, 5, and 6mm)
    - Extra screws
    - Extra seal

    When fully loaded with clay, extruder weight is ~8lb.

    We can also custom build a nozzle receptacle for your specific printer, call for pricing. (Size and/or aluminium).

    We do not provide the driver to run the motor on this extruder. Please be familiar with stepper motors before ordering this product.