Top 5 Best Resin 3D Printers 2021 (In Every Price Range)

A resin 3D printer uses stereolithography. The SLA technology exposes the liquid material to the light source. The beams form the model out of the resin one layer at a time. The product features impressive detail on smooth surfaces. These not only deliver better results but work faster than filament units.

This guide focuses on identifying the best devices from this category. Whether you need a small or large resin 3D printer, you’ll find a suitable model below. Take a look at the descriptions and pick your favorite. 

What are the Best Resin 3D Printers in 2021?

Various price ranges are available for these devices. If you want maximum performance, go for a large resin 3D printer. It has a higher initial investment, but it can deliver impressive results. You can pick a compact unit, which is convenient for hobbyists. Once you assess your budget and required features, keep reading to find the desired device!

1. FlashForge Hunter Professional DLP Resin 3D Printer


  • Dimensions: 360 x 310 x 565mm
  • Dual-core 800MHz ARM processor
  • LCD touchscreen
  • 405nm LED as a light source


If you need a large resin 3D printer, you can’t go wrong with FlashForge Hunter. This advanced model supports resolutions as low as 12.5um. That’s impressive and ensures a fantastic detail level. The product comes with a vat film and a strong aluminum resin tray. The light engine supports full HD 1080p, and the processor is fast. The manufacturer used a dual-core 800MHz unit to ensure maximum efficiency.

The digital display is convenient and allows simple navigation. If you need flexible structures, you can use the jewelry support mode. The printer supports FH1100, FH1200, and two other resin types. They are easily removable to ensure maximum comfort when switching. The device comes with a correction algorithm. It adjusts distortion and grayscale to ensure maximum detail when printing.

FlashForge Hunter Professional is of compact size. Its build volume is 120 x 67.5 x 150mm. The pixel size is 62.5um, and the light source is 405nm LED. The printer weighs 39 pounds or 17 kilograms, which is light for a powerful machine. It supports Wi-Fi and USB to ensure maximum connectivity. You receive a guarantee, and the product features an excellent value for money.


2. Anycubic Photon Mono X

Reviewing the Anycubic Photon Mono X 3D Printer: Bigger, Stronger, Faster!  - | The Voice of 3D Printing / Additive Manufacturing


  • Dimensions: 270 x 290 x 475mm
  • 60mm/h printing speed
  • 405nm UV resin
  • 3.5-inch touchscreen


This Photon 3D printer is an entry-level model recommended for beginner users. DIY enthusiasts and those trying SLA technology will appreciate this compact unit’s performance. It uses SLA technology with the 405nm UV resin. The light source works at that wavelength. The maximum source this printer can achieve is 60mm/h, which is decent for an affordable model.

The XY resolution is 3840 x 2400, which means Anycubic Photon supports 4K. The printer only weighs 10.75 kilograms. You can move it around by yourself, which is convenient. You’ll notice the touchscreen display. Its size is 3.5 inches, but it’s enough to ensure easy navigation. 

Photon Mono X features USB connectivity. You can also use an app to control print operations remotely. The build area is 192 x 120 x 245mm, which is large for a compact model. The manufacturer offers slicing software with hollowing and 8x anti-aliasing. Another worthy addition is the UV cooling system. It ensures constant performance and extends the unit’s lifespan.


3. ELEGOO Mars 2 Pro Mono

ELEGOO Mars 2 Pro Mono LCD MSLA Resin 3D Printer with Air Purifier – ELEGOO  Official


  • Dimensions: 200 x 200 x 410mm
  • 3.5-inch touchscreen
  • 30-50mm/h printing speed
  • 405nm wavelength of the light source


This is another resin printer for those with limited funds. The budget-friendly deal will get you a compact-sized device with generous build volume. The printing size is 129 x 80 x 160mm. If you assess the speed, 30-50mm/h isn’t that impressive. But while it’s not at the level of other models, it’s reasonably fast.

The printer includes a touchscreen at the bottom to ensure easy control. You’ll notice 13 different languages are available. It has a 50nm XY precision and supports a 2K resolution (1620 x 2560). The product only weighs six kilograms (13 pounds). If you want to move a printer between locations, this is an ideal choice. The product features USB connectivity and ChituBox slicing software.

The manufacturers picked aluminum as the primary material for this printer. They used CNC machines for precise design. The result is decent quality and excellent durability, which supports the everyday use of the printer.


4. Peopoly Phenom L Massive-Format 3D PrinterPeopoly Phenom L Massive-Format MSLA 3D Printer | MatterHackers


  • Dimensions: 525 x 395 x 780mm
  • 90nm XY resolution
  • UV MLSA printing technology
  • It supports UHD 4K


Peopoly Phenom L is a massive printer and an advanced model. It’s suitable for professional users who want the most out of this device type. The product is heavy but incredibly stable. It’s durable and will last for years with frequent use.

The printer supports UHD4K resolution up to 3840 x 2160. It has a 90nm pixel pitch. You can use USB and Ethernet to connect to the device, which uses a ChiTuBox slicer. The printing volume is 346 x 194 x 400mm. It’s among the biggest areas available on the market. These premium features justify the unit’s high price.


5. Phrozen Sonic 4K Resin 3D Printer

Phrozen Sonic 4K – 3D Solution Online Shop


  • Dimensions: 228 x 259 x 457mm
  • 35nm XY resolution
  • 90mm/h printing speed
  • USB and Ethernet connectivity


Phrozen made a powerful 3D printer in the medium range. Its build area is 132 x 73 x 98mm, which isn’t that impressive compared to its size. The performance compensates for that minor drawback. This resin printer uses LCD-type technology and a large five-inch touchscreen. Phrozen OS is intuitive and user-friendly.

The XY resolution is 35nm, which secures a high level of detail. You can pick layers that are from 0.01 to 0.3mm thick. The printing speed will impress you since it goes up to 90mm/h. You can use USB or Ethernet to connect to the device. It supports the ChituBox slicing software. The product’s weight is 14.5 kilograms, which is around 32 pounds. It’s incredibly durable, and all components are of premium quality.


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Final Thoughts

Your first option includes entry-level printing devices. You won’t break the bank while receiving decent performance. It’s great for trying out the SLA technology. For best results, go for a powerful large resin 3D printer. You can get those in professional online stores specializing in these devices. They have an impressive printer range, so you’ll easily find a fitting unit. Make sure to pick leading brands like FlashForge to secure maximum performance and the best bang for the buck!